Massage Therapy treatment rates at Burnaby Massage include taxes

  • 1 hr $126  
  • 45 min $100
  • 30 min $70


ICBC treatment fees ( Paid by the patient )

  • 45 min $10
  • 1 hr $35

ICBC typically pays a portion of the first 12 treatments within 90 days of your accident.  ICBC does not cover 1/2 hr appointments. 

If your accident was after April 2022 the above fees are not reimbursed by ICBC.


Medical Documents and Medical Correspondence Rates.  These rates do not include taxes and are specific to Lee McGuire, RMT not North Burnaby Massage Clinic

Court Preparation Time (per hour)
Expert Testimony in Court
Half day $2500.00
Full day $4000.00
Medical Legal Report with Opinion
Maximum $3500.00
Photocopy Fee For Records
Retrieval, review and copying.
Minimum $295.00
One page with history, treatment and progress.
One page letter on behalf of the patient.
Printed form
Progress report
Insurer treatment plan
1 page $400.00
2 pages $475.00
Phone consultation Fee
$20.00 per minute
$295.00 per hour
Fee's indicated above do not include GST and may not represent Burnaby Massage Clinic.
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