Lee McGuire RMT is a Registered Massage Therapist with more than 25 years of experience. As an experienced massage therapist based in North Burnaby, Lee is dedicated to helping his patients achieve healthier lifestyles and endeavours to create specific treatment plans for each client. He offers soft tissue and athletic injury rehabilitation, as well as treatment for MVA related injuries, postural issues, muscle imbalances and more.
In addition to being an massage therapist, Lee is an active individual with a personal passion for wellbeing. In his spare time, he is a frequent traveller and an avid hiker. He also enjoys motorcycling with his wife, Juliette. Pursuing a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise gives him personal insight into the importance of living without pain, tension, or unnecessary stress. He aims to provide the kind of care for his patients that he would seek out for himself, in the event that pain or injury ever prevented him from enjoying the activities he loves.
At North Burnaby Massage Therapy Clinic, we understand that each body is different. There is no such thing as a uniform solution to pain management, injury treatment, or stress management. Your experiences are unique, which means that you need personalised attention to find effective solutions. We take the time to get to know each new client thoroughly so that we can provide you with treatments that specifically address your needs. Some people come to us for help recovering from sports injuries, whereas others have been in accidents or are trying to mitigate the effects of chronic pain or headaches.
The first step we take with each new patient is an interview and assessment that tells us more about your case. We then use that information to come up with treatment plans that are tailored for your exact scenario. Lee bases his approach on facilitating therapeutic changes with each visit. As such, we will outline your plan in such a way that you leave each session with the feeling that progress has been made. Clear information and steady progress are two of the pillars around which Lee operates. It allows him to achieve consistent results and continue providing visitors with the level of care they deserve.
Choosing professional help with your tension, pain, or discomfort can help you deal with it decisively and return to the lifestyle you enjoy. Contact us today and arrange your first appointment.
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