About Lee

I have more than two decades of experience practicing at Burnaby Massage Therapy Clinic. My goal is to help you make a comfortable and informed decision about where to go for your next massage therapy treatments.
I strongly believe that there is no such thing as a one size fits all approach to injury treatment or pain management. Every single person has different concerns and different needs as a result. My work is based on discovering those needs and making measurable progress towards satisfying them. That’s why I conduct an interview and assessment with each new patient before putting together a treatment plan for them. The information I gather from talking to you will help me develop a plan based on your personal therapeutic requirements. 
My primary objective in treating you is to allow changes to take place with each visit to the clinic. 
As a traveller, hiker, motorcyclist, and husband, I know how important it is to stay active. I also know how much harder it can be to enjoy an active lifestyle when you are dealing with pain, tension, or the effects of an injury. That’s why I provide the kind of care I would want if I ever found myself in that position.
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